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Come Join Us for Our Silly Scoops Party on June 17!

Have you heard the news? Ladue Pharmacy is now carrying the adorable new craze that has all the kids talking – Silly Scoops! You’re invited to come on out to Ladue Pharmacy on Saturday, June 17 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for a Silly Scoops party that will be out of this world!

Bring the kids and your friends and enjoy delicious, FREE Ted Drewes frozen custard (a beloved St. Louis staple!), face painting, and a special coupon, just for you! And of course, there will be plenty of sweet Silly Scoops ready for you to collect and enjoy.

What are Silly Scoops, you ask? They are a fun collectable plush series that comes packaged with TWO characters – one you can see while the other hides inside the box. There are 20 different characters in all – 15 are common, 4 are rare, and 1 is ultra rare! You simply choose the one you want, and you’ll be surprised with another cute new friend inside!

Be sure to check out our cool video here to see what Silly Scoops is all about  https://vimeo.com/214238527)

We hope to see you here on June 17!

7 Effective Ways You Can Lower Your Blood Pressure Today May 22, 2017

High blood pressure can put you at risk for several serious health conditions, and long-term high blood pressure has been shown to increase your risk of developing cardiac disease. According to a study from Harvard University, this condition plays a contributing role in more than 15% of deaths in the United States alone. Worse yet, the condition is silent but deadly; it shows no symptoms, but it can lead to an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, and damage to your heart muscle and tissue.

If you have high blood pressure, don’t fret. There are plenty of actions you can take right now to help lower your blood pressure. Read our 7 tips below to take action today:

Watch Your Sodium Intake – This is especially true for those who are more likely than others to have blood pressure, including the elderly, African Americans, and those who have a family history of high blood pressure. Aim for a sodium intake of 1,500 mg a day for lower blood pressure (by the way, this is about half of what the average American consumes each day). Read food labels carefully, opt for low-sodium alternatives, and eat fewer processed foods to help lower your sodium intake.

Maintain a Healthy Weight – A larger waistline can increase blood pressure. Losing weight is one of the best ways you can help control your blood pressure. Even just losing 10 pounds can greatly reduce your numbers!

Exercise Regularly – Along with weight loss, getting plenty of physical activity – at least 30 minutes a day most days – can help lower your blood pressure. Try walking, jogging, biking, hiking, swimming, dancing, or strength training to keep your blood pressure at a lower level!

Stop Smoking – If you’ve picked up the habit of smoking, you’re not doing your heart any favors. Each cigarette you smoke will increase your blood pressure for several minutes after you finish. Kick the habit today, and you will increase your quality of life and give your ticker a well-deserved break.

Eat a Healthy Diet – You are what you eat, so eat well! We recommend a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, along with low-fat dairy products. Stay away from processed foods, fast food, and foods high in saturated fat to protect your blood pressure.

Back off the Caffeine – When you’re stressed, your heart will begin pumping more blood, which then boosts your blood pressure. Caffeine can exacerbate this effect by tightening your blood vessels and worsening the effects of stress. If you are a coffee drinker or a fan of tea, consider switching to decaf or enjoying caffeine-free teas.

Reduce Your Stress – Recent studies have shown that working more than 41 hours a week at the office can raise your risk of hypertension by 15%. While it might be difficult to clock out earlier than you’d like, make a point of taking time to de-stress. Go to the gym, cook and enjoy a healthy meal, listen to calming music, and do activities that you enjoy every day. Most importantly, don’t forget to take breaks at work, and enjoy your lunch away from your desk.

Sometimes, medication is necessary in order for you to maintain a lower blood pressure. Let Ladue Pharmacy help with all of your needs! Call us today at (314) 993-4031 or visit us online at www.laduepharmacy.com to learn more.

Want Your Kids to Grow Big and Strong? Check Out Our Vitamin Club for Kids! April 12, 2017

Children grow up quickly. As a parent, you’ve probably gone through countless sizes of clothing, ever-changing tastes in food, and a seemingly interminable increase in height as your child grows. Your child’s fast growth rate requires all of the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, which they can get from a healthy, balanced diet. However, as you know, kids can be picky eaters, which can make it nearly impossible to give them the vitamins and minerals they need every day.

That’s where vitamins come into play. These supplements can make a great addition to your child’s daily routine to help give him or her all of the proper nutrition they need to grow up big and strong. Here are 6 big benefits that vitamins have for your kids:

Fills in the Nutritional Gap – If your child is a fussy eater or if he or she simply doesn’t receive the proper nutrition needed daily, vitamins can be a great way to fill in the gaps, so to speak. Our bodies need vitamins and minerals to function correctly, and supplementary vitamins can help cover all the bases to ensure that your child is growing and developing properly.

Gives Them Energy – Your child needs plenty of energy to help them grow and enjoy the day. B vitamins, which are typically found in many of the foods we eat, help convert what we eat into energy. However, our bodies have a limited capacity to store B vitamins, so we need to replace them each day. Giving your child vitamins, especially those rich in many of the B vitamins, can help ensure that you are giving them all the energy they need every day.

Strengthens Healthy Bones – Calcium and vitamin D are essential for strong, healthy bones and teeth. When your child receives these nutrients in the vitamins you give, you are promoting the growth and development of strong bones not only during their childhood but also into their teenage and adult years.

Supports Healthy Eyes – Proper nutrition, including plenty of beta-carotene and vitamin A, is vital for strong eye development and health. Children’s vitamins that include these nutrients can help give your child everything he or she needs to develop healthy eyes and sustain healthy vision.

Strengthens the Immune System – As a parent, you probably know that children often bring a slew of germs and bugs home with them from school. That’s because their immune systems are still developing and are not as strong as an adult’s. Fortunately, you can help give your child’s immune system a boost with supplementary vitamins, especially those that contain zinc and vitamin C.

Helps Support a Healthy Brain – A child needs the right nutrients, particularly iodine, to think properly, process information, and grow mentally. However, a recent study has shown that 1 in 3 children did not receive enough iodine between the ages of 8 and 10. A multi-vitamin that contains iodine is a sure way to give your child what he or she needs to develop a healthy brain.

We at Ladue Pharmacy dedicate ourselves to your family’s health. That’s why we are proud to provide our FREE Vitamin Club for Kids! Join today and receive free children’s vitamins for your family. Our Vitamin Club for Kids is available for children ages 2 and up, and there is no limit on the number of children in your family who can be enrolled in our program. You just need to be present to receive these free vitamins every month – that’s it!

Visit us today at 9832 Clayton Road to join our Vitamin Club for Kids or to learn more! 

Lucky You! Ladue Pharmacy Is Proud to Carry Joe Buck’s Latest Book! February 7, 2017

We love supporting local authors, artists, and merchants. That’s why we make sure that our store is full of their fun, unique items for you to enjoy! This includes plenty of books from our very own local authors and St. Louis natives. Our latest addition is Lucky Bastard: My Life, My Dad, and the Things I’m Not Allowed to Say on TV by sportscaster, St. Louisan, and author Joe Buck.

Buck, whose book was released in November last year, came out to Ladue Pharmacy on Monday, December 19 for his book-signing event. He took the time to meet with readers from around the Greater St. Louis region, sign their copies of his book, and chat with them.

If you’re a sports fan or even have paid even the slightest bit of attention to local or national sports, you probably know who Joe Buck is. We guarantee you that you’ve heard his voice before! Over the past two decades, Buck has become an increasingly important sportscasting figure, especially in baseball and football. He started sportscasting in 1994 when FOX began broadcasting NFL games. He has been the voice that you hear during the biggest games of the year, including the World Series and the Super Bowl.

In spite of his wild success, Buck is always tied back to his famous local father, Jack Buck, the much-loved voice of the St. Louis Cardinals. Now Joe is making his voice heard in his new book, taking his readers into the broadcasting booth, through his childhood, and into his most embarrassing stories, including the time when he almost blew his career. Wildly funny, candid, and self-deprecating, Buck gives readers an engaging memoir that sports fans will love.

You can purchase your own copy of Lucky Bastard here at Ladue Pharmacy! Make sure to stop by our location in Ladue at 9832 Clayton Road and prepare to see Joe Buck as you’ve never seen him before!

Check Out Judith Hennessey’s Newest Book Here at Ladue Pharmacy! January 31, 2017

On Thursday, December 15, we were honored to have local author Judith Hennessey for her book-signing event here at Ladue Pharmacy! Hennessey took the time to meet with other locals and sign copies of her latest book, First Rodeo, the first book in her upcoming trilogy The Spur Series. Several people got the chance to meet and chat with the author, get their books signed, and even enjoy a bit of vodka tasting, thanks to Judgment Tree, a brewery based in Defiance, Missouri!

Hennessey is a full-time writer hailing from St. Louis. She has had many of her works published in multiple magazines, along with The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Redbook Magazine called First Rodeo a “must-read,” and Working Mother Magazine also listed Hennessey’s newest book in their top books for fall. In this novel, you’ll meet Kate, an attractive, fun, workaholic single mother who faces a crisis at work. She surprises everyone by taking her young son with her to Wyoming, where she meets a young cowboy and experiences exciting, romantic adventures.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to stop by Ladue Pharmacy and purchase your own copy of First Rodeo by Judith Hennessey! We are proud to provide books from our local authors. Stop by our location in Ladue at 9832 Clayton Road today to get your copy!

Help Your Body Function at Its Best With Orthomolecular Vitamins. December 30, 2016

Our bodies are amazing living machinery. It’s absolutely mind-numbing to think about how efficiently they work and how they typically possess the ability to fix themselves if something goes awry, like getting a cold or sustaining an injury. In order for our bodies to continue functioning properly, however, they must be nourished with essential nutrients, including proteins, carbohydrates, fats and oils, minerals, vitamins, and water. This can typically be attained through food and manufactured within our own bodies.

Sometimes, however, our bodies either cannot provide us with the vitamins that we need or our food choices are lacking the proper nutrients to keep our organs and systems functioning in top condition. Much of our food is also not as high in nutritional value as it used to be since much of it is grown in mineral-depleted soil with the help of chemicals, refined, and processed. Additionally, some medicines that we take can block our body’s ability to create these nutrients. This can lead to nutritional deficiencies, which can affect the functioning of our body’s complex processes.

If your body is struggling with creating the right amount of vitamins, if you aren’t receiving enough in the food you eat, or if the medications you are taking are depleting your nutrients, there is a great solution for you now – orthomolecular vitamins. These vitamins help your body get the vitamins it needs in order to carry out its daily functions properly and can help treat or prevent disease by providing the optimal amounts of substances that are natural to the body.

How can orthomolecular vitamins help you? In Greek, “ortho” means “correct,” and these special vitamins will work to correct and normalize the delicate molecular balance of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids inside your body. These vitamins have been used throughout the ages in treating many afflictions including colds, heart disease, cancer, depression, and schizophrenia, and they can provide relief and recovery when nothing else has worked.

When you choose to use orthomolecular vitamins, your individual nutritional needs on the basis of your age, sex, activity, stress level, and affliction itself will be taken into account. While orthomolecular vitamins are not meant to act as a replacement for standard medical treatments, they can help bring your body out of an imbalanced or diseased state.

Want to learn more about orthomolecular vitamins? Let the experts at Ladue Pharmacy help you. Call us at (314) 993-4031 or simply walk in and talk to us about how we can better serve you.

Want to Improve Your Memory? Prevagen Might Be Right for You! December 16, 2016

How sharp is your memory? If you find that, as you age, your memory has been a little fuzzy and you forget where you left your keys or the name of your new coworker, you might be struggling a bit with recall. This is perfectly normal as we grow older, but that doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way. Ladue Pharmacy can help you on this front with Prevagen, an amazing memory supplement that can help support your memory!

Prevagen is a dietary supplement that has been clinically proven to improve mild memory problems that are associated with aging. More than a decade of research from Quincy Bioscience has shown that by taking just one capsule of Prevagen every day, patients can improve short-term memory. This supplement will help make your brain healthier and sharper, and recalling information that you need will become easier!

You’ve probably never thought that memory and jellyfish could ever go together, but in a way, they do. Prevagen’s patented ingredient, apoaequorin, was originally discovered in a certain species of jellyfish. This ingredient has undergone extensive testing and is safe for consumption. It uniquely supports cognitive function, making your thinking and memory stronger.

Make sure to talk to your doctor about taking Prevagen. While Prevagen has no known drug interactions, it’s always wise to let your physician know that you are interested in taking a new course of supplements, especially when it comes to prescribing medication.

Don’t forget, you can find Prevagen here at Ladue Pharmacy, the place that welcomes you like family! Make sure to stop by to talk to us about Prevagen today or give us a call at (314) 993-4031 to learn more.

Say Hello to Ashley Henson, Our Pharmacy Technician! December 6, 2016

Meet Ashley, our Pharmacy Technician! Ashley has been with us for more than 17 years, even before Rick Williams became the owner of the pharmacy. In fact, this is her first and only job that she’s ever had! Ashley was drawn to Ladue Pharmacy as a teenager, looking for a part-time job. “I felt at home, so I decided to stay!” she said.

Her favorite part of working at Ladue Pharmacy is her coworkers. “I love the family I work for,” she said. “They’re all like my second family, and I have become so close to them over the last 17 years. I’ve made great friends, and it makes it easy to come to work every day!”

If Ashley has to pick just three words to describe Ladue Pharmacy, they would include personal, efficient, and accommodating. “The people at Ladue Pharmacy are personal and get to know their customers one-on-one, and they are efficient and accommodating because they do everything in their power to get what the customer needs or wants every time.”

When Ashley isn’t busy helping our wonderful customers, she can be found spending time with her twin daughters and her extended family. Fun fact: Ashley loves all kinds of music (except opera!), and she has only ever been to two concerts in her entire life!

Don’t forget to say hi to Ashley the next time you visit Ladue Pharmacy!

Thinking About Hormone Replacement Therapy? Let Ladue Pharmacy Help! December 6, 2016

As we age, the hormones in our bodies will start to change little by little. This change in hormones can sometimes lead to a few unpleasant symptoms. Fortunately, hormone replacement therapy can help balance out the inevitable change in hormones and ultimately decrease the severity of these symptoms!

At Ladue Pharmacy, we are happy to provide hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to you with a prescription from your physician. We offer a couple of different options when it comes to hormone replacement therapy, including company-manufactured medications and custom compounded formulations.

If you’re interested in customized hormonal compounds, we are proud to provide them here for your convenience! After your physician evaluates your hormone levels, he or she can prescribe formulations that are customized to your body’s specific hormonal needs. Our staff has years of experience in making these compounds for you, giving you the individualized attention that you need!

If you are interested in hormone replacement therapy, please talk to your physician. He or she can test your hormone levels and prescribe hormones based on the results. Make sure to have your HRT prescriptions filled here at Ladue Pharmacy, where you’re welcomed like our own family! Call us at (314) 993-4031 for more information, or stop by to see us at 9832 Clayton Road!

Are You Ready for Medicare Part D? Ladue Pharmacy Can Help. October 18, 2016

The Medicare Part D open enrollment period is open now through December 7th. No matter which plan you currently use, it’s in your best interest to look at all the available plans to ensure that you’re getting the best plan to fit your needs.

Ladue Pharmacy has been helping patients since the day we’ve opened our doors. We’ve recognized the great need there would be in our community when Medicare Part D went into effect in 2006, and we have made it our mission to help each and every patient personally. That’s because at Ladue Pharmacy, you aren’t just a patient – you’re family.

Check out our video below to see how we can help you with all of your Medicare Part D needs:

Sildenafil - A Viagra Medication You Can Afford! September 29, 2016

More than 6 million men have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. According to a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, only 25% of those men will actually seek treatment for the problem.

There are many effective treatments on the market in today’s world, and one of the most popular is Viagra. Viagra is without a doubt life-changing; in fact, it’s one of the most effective methods for treating erectile function. Unfortunately, Viagra can be quite expensive, and there are no generic medications to Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs.

At Ladue Pharmacy, there is now a more cost-effective alternative to Viagra – sildenafil. Sildenafil is the exact same drug as Viagra and is just as effective. It is just given in different doses. Check out our video below to learn more about sildenafil! Ask your doctor about it, or give us a call, and we can call your doctor for you!

7 Myths About the Flu That You Need to Stop Believing, September 8, 2016

If you’ve ever had the flu, you know how sick you can become. It’s a feeling that many of us never want to experience again. A smart and easy way to greatly decrease your chances of getting the flu is by getting the flu vaccination every year. Sadly, many opt to take their chances and don’t get the vaccination because of the misinformation and bad advice that circulates every flu season.

We’re here to expose these myths to the light once and for all! Here are 7 common flu myths that you need to stop believing today:

Myth #1: The Flu Is Just a Bad Cold – This couldn’t be further from the truth. While you may experience symptoms that could be confused with the common cold, the flu virus can be very dangerous, and its symptoms can come on suddenly and, at times, severely. If you experience complications from the flu, you could become seriously ill or hospitalized. In fact, in the United States alone, about 36,000 people die and more than 200,000 are hospitalized annually because of the flu.

Myth #2: You Don’t Need to Get the Flu Vaccination Every Year – Because the flu virus can mutate each year, it’s incredibly important to receive a flu vaccination before flu season starts every single year. This will help ensure that your immunity is prepared and ready to fight against the strains of flu that you will be the most likely to encounter.

Myth #3: Getting the Flu Vaccine Gives You the Flu – The vaccine is made from an inactivated flu virus, so it can’t give you the flu or transmit further infection. You may experience very mild symptoms such as a sore throat or a runny nose, but most of the time people who receive the vaccination experience no symptoms.

Myth #4: Healthy People Don’t Need the Flu Vaccine – Even the healthiest people can be knocked flat off their feet if they become infected with the flu. Additionally, it’s wise to get the vaccine if you want to protect your friends, family, and coworkers from contracting the flu, especially if any of them are particularly susceptible to illness. That’s why health care workers are routinely advised to receive the flu vaccination in order to protect their patients.

Myth #5: The Flu Can Be Treated With Antibiotics – Unfortunately, this is untrue. Antibiotics work well against bacteria, but they aren’t effective for a viral infection like the flu.

Myth #6: Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Get the Flu Vaccine – No matter how far along you are in your pregnancy, you can always get the flu shot. It won’t hurt your baby; in fact, the flu shot can even protect your baby against the flu after they’re born and during the early months of life.

Myth #7: Children Shouldn’t Receive the Flu Vaccine – Anyone is able to receive the flu vaccination, so long as they are older than 6 months of age. Children can receive the flu vaccination either through the traditional shot method or through a nasal spray.

When flu season comes around, it’s important to take the necessary steps to stay healthy and protect yourself from illness. Let Ladue Pharmacy help you get and stay healthy! Our friendly and knowledgeable pharmacists are proud to administer the flu vaccine to help keep you and children over 12 years old healthy. Learn more about us by visiting us online at www.laduepharmacy.com!  

Meet Angie, Ladue Pharmacy’s Head Pharmacist! August 12, 2016

We are proud to introduce Angie, our Pharmacist in Charge! She has been working with us for 12 years and loves interacting with all of our customers. In fact, nearly all of our customers who come in know her, and she knows them, too. By working at Ladue Pharmacy, Angie feels as if she can really make a difference in our customers’ lives and doing everything she can to make them better!

Angie came to Ladue Pharmacy because she wanted to work for an independent business. “I believe that we take much better care of people and that we only do what is best for the patient by taking the utmost care of them,” she said. If she could choose only 3 words to describe Ladue Pharmacy, she would choose “caring,” “team-based,” and “ethical.” “Everyone cares about making an impact and doing the right thing,” she said.

When Angie isn’t busy taking care of our customers, she can be found spending time with her family, including her 4 children. She likes watching them play in various sports, and she also enjoys boating and running. She especially loves the beach and water; it relaxes her! Her favorite travel destinations are Hilton Head Island and Table Rock Lake.

Be sure to say hello to Angie next time you visit us at Ladue Pharmacy! Additionally, look out for more future employee spotlights here at our blog.

Traveling? Stop by Ladue Pharmacy for All of Your Traveling Needs Before You Go! August 12, 2016

Ahhh, vacation. It is one of the many joys that the summer season brings us! Whether you’re headed off to a golden sun-kissed beach, hiking around at a national park, or making memories in a foreign city, you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure that your vacation is memorable and as smooth as possible. While you might have your bags all in order and your maps at the ready, you definitely don’t want to forget about your health.

At Ladue Pharmacy, we can help you prepare for your trip painlessly! We can provide you with any prescriptions that you might need, plus vaccinations, over-the-counter medicine to make traveling even easier, and more.

If you happen to be voyaging out of the country, particularly to Africa, Asia, or South America, we recommend having a chat with your pharmacist or physician at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance about vaccines. Certain countries may pose a threat to your health with various illnesses, including yellow fever, malaria, and typhoid fever. In order to travel to some of these areas, you must receive a vaccine at least 10 days before you arrive. Whatever immunization you may need, you can count on Ladue Pharmacy to see you through as our knowledgeable pharmacists provide you with the correct vaccine!

Even if you aren’t traveling to a destination that requires a vaccine, there are other illnesses that can slow you down on your way, including traveler’s diarrhea and motion sickness. The best offense against these illnesses is a strong defense, and we have just what you need! We can fill your prescriptions and can provide you with over-the-counter medicines that can help make your vacation as smooth as possible.

While you’re here, be sure to stock up on your traveling necessities, including sunscreen, first aid kits, bug repellant, and much more! Ladue Pharmacy really is your one-stop shop when it comes to preparing for your much-needed vacation.

Whether you have questions about your medication, need a vaccination, or simply want to stock your bag with the best travel items around, be sure to stop by Ladue Pharmacy to make your vacation easy and memorable! Talk to our pharmacy staff to see how we may help you.

Ladue Pharmacy Makes Taking Medicine Easy Again by Compounding Medications July 7, 2016

Do you have a family member, friend, or pet who needs a medication or a special form of a medication that is not commercially available at any drug store? Doctors and veterinarians often prescribe medications like these. These medications are called compounded medications.

If this is the case, Ladue Pharmacy can help you out! We are experts at compounding medications for both humans and pets. This means we can manufacture medications that your doctor or veterinarian has specifically designed for you or your pet. At one time, just about all prescriptions were prepared and compounded individually for patients; however, with the advent of mass drug manufacturing in the 1950s and 1960s, compounding quickly declined. Most pharmacists are no longer trained to compound medications for their patients.

At Ladue Pharmacy, we take pride in compounding medications for you. Our pharmacy staff is trained in compounding prescription medications, including basic creams and ointments, capsules, suppositories, and troches. We also offer compounding services for hormonal preparations, dermatological products, and much more! Have a pet that’s finicky about taking their medication? We can also compound medications for them!

Taking medicine doesn’t have to be unpleasant or frustrating for you and your household any longer. Stop into Ladue Pharmacy and talk to our pharmacy staff to see if our compounding services may help you.

Make Your Overseas Vacation Even More Relaxing by Getting Vaccinated Before You Go! June 26, 2016

Travel season is officially upon us once more. Thousands of families nationwide will be visiting various destinations outside of the country; in fact, more than one-third of Americans have a passport. While it’s always fun to visit another country, it’s vital to remember that some types of international travel, especially trips to developing countries and rural areas, have higher health risks involved. These risks usually depend on a number of variables, including the location, what you will be doing on your trip, your current health status, and, of course, your vaccination history.

Vacations are meant for relaxation. If you are traveling this summer, especially to another country, consider getting true peace of mind by getting vaccinated. Vaccines can protect you against numerous serious diseases, which are rare here but can be prevalent in other countries. For instance, polio can still be found in other parts of the world, and measles still occur year-round in many countries, including common travel destinations in Europe and Asia. In fact, an estimated 20 million people get measles each year. This can all be prevented when you get properly vaccinated before embarking on your journey.

Ladue Pharmacy is proud to provide vaccinations for several types of diseases, including the following:


*Hepatitis A and B


*Japanese encephalitis



*Prevnar 13







*Yellow fever

These vaccinations are available 7 day a week for your convenience. Our travel clinic also provides vaccination against yellow fever! Please schedule a consultation to receive this vaccination prior to traveling. Additionally, be sure to check out our travel supplies and stock up on items such as insect repellant, sunscreen, travel bags and accessories, travel size toiletries, and more!

Remember to stop by Ladue Pharmacy before you head out on your well-deserved vacation. Ladue Pharmacy is located at 9832 Clayton Road in St. Louis. Need yellow fever vaccinations? Please call us at (314) 993-4031 or for an appointment.

Congratulations to Rick Williams on Receiving the Visionary Award from Gateway to Hope! June 15, 2016

Breast cancer is a terrible disease that touches everyone’s lives in some way as a patient, spouse, child, parent, family member, friend, or coworker. It knows no boundaries and strikes regardless of sex, income, or insurance coverage. In fact, according to U. S. Breast Cancer, about 1 in 8 women in the United States will develop invasive breast cancer at some point in her life. In addition, an estimated 246,660 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in women in the US, along with about 2,600 new cases in men in 2016 alone.

We are fortunate to have a special organization that helps ease the financial and emotional burden of breast cancer and give hope to all who need it – Gateway to Hope. Since 2005, Gateway to Hope has been reaching out and connecting more than 700 uninsured and underinsured patients in St. Louis to the lifesaving breast cancer treatment that they need. Without this assistance, many patients would delay or forego treatment altogether. Gateway to Hope and their numerous partners also provide financial assistance with medication, transportation, rent/mortgage, medical insurance/COBRA premiums, utilities, and several other needs to help alleviate the burden of breast cancer.

Our very own Rick Williams has played a part in helping as well! He has donated all of the profits on medication to Gateway to Hope for several years. He has also been very generous in his donations to the organization. He and his wife Marcy are proud supporters of Gateway to Hope through Ladue Pharmacy, and Rick is often found speaking to seniors in the community to help them navigate through the often difficult Medicare Part D plans.

His compassion for his community is unwavering. Not only does he support Gateway to Hope and give free Medicare Part D advice to patients and non-patients alike, but he has also been on the board of the Jewish Community Center of St. Louis and was Chairman of the Senior Olympics. He has also served on several committees at the JCC, Jewish Federation, and United Way.

Gateway to Hope honored Rick by presenting him with their Visionary Award at the 6th Annual KaleidoHope event on September 25, 2015 at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel. This fundraising event honored those who further Gateway to Hope’s vital mission. Guests were treated to a delectable seated dinner, a premium open bar, interactive entertainment, silent and live auctions, and, of course, the awards presentation.

Congratulations, Rick! We are so proud of you!